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Dragonfly Therapy is the private solo therapy practice of Nikole Fethiere, LMHC. 

Core Values

 I have several core values: Authenticity, Creativity, & Growth being primary and especially relevant to my work as a therapist.

Authenticity is all about being genuine, real, and honest. As a therapist, I will be genuine and honest with you, and in order for therapy to proceed, it is necessary for you to be authentic with me in return.
Creativity is trying something new or different. Stepping "out of the box". Taking a risk. There's a quote that goes something along the lines of "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results".  Therapy is all about doing something different. 
Growth is learning from experience, gaining wisdom along the journey, transformation in body, mind, & spirit. Growth is possible for anyone and I would love to help you grow beyond any current areas of "stuckness".

My therapeutic approach is integrative and dynamic. I prioritize the therapeutic relationship while also incorporating techniques from various models including CBT, mindfulness, breath work, play, art, EMDR, and more. I see individuals as part of larger systems including current family, family of origin, and community.  

Education & Experience

I have over 10 years of experience providing home, school, and office based counseling to families and individuals ages 2 - 70. I have worked with clients with various symptoms and diagnoses including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, impulse control problems, social problems, and ADHD. Many of the clients I've worked with have experienced 1 or more traumas, which has led me to seek additional training and specialize in that area.

I have graduate degrees in Mental Health Counseling (M.Ed. & Ed.S.) from the University of Florida

I am trained and certified in EMDR (eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing), which is my primary approach to treatment. 

I am trained to provide Neurofeedback. 

I also have training and experience with providing TF-CBT (trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy), CPP (child-parent psychotherapy), & MST (multi-systemic therapy). 

Besides therapy, I have experience working in education as a tutor, teacher, and in leadership. If I wasn't a therapist, I would likely be a park ranger and have spent several summers working with the National Park Service and partnering agencies leading youth programs.

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Nikole Fethiere, LMHC

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4140 NW 27th Ln. Ste. F, Gainesville, FL 32606


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